Remembering Our Troops and the 75th Anniversary of the Bombing of Pearl Harbor

Although most of the people on the planet today were not alive yet when Pearl Harbor was bombed by the Japanese navy 75 years ago, this is a historic moment that is taught to children today as part of the battles that took place during the Second World War. The men and women who were stationed there are remembered each year by troops and citizens alike.

You see, these folks knew that the situation in the Pacific Ocean was troubled at the time but the intent of the Japanese to bomb Pearl Harbor was unknown to those who were quietly carrying on with their lives that fateful morning. The resulting backlash led to more and more fighting until the war between the United States and Japan finally ended.

Dark smoke billows from the ship after the Pearl Harbor attack while a man is rescued

During that time, many men and women were lost on both sides of the battlefield. Citizens and soldiers alike died in the tragic war that continued on despite the remote location to the mainland of the United States. This was a strategic necessity for America to hold on to.

However, at the same time that all of the trouble was brewing in the Pacific, the troops from the US were also being pulled into the conflict that was happening in Europe. Hitler had been ravaging through the continent, taking over those areas that did not surrender peacefully by using extreme force.

Men and women were dying in droves on the other side of the Atlantic, and the soldiers of the US and the military leaders understood that it was our duty to help our allies in their time of need. This led to troops being spread very thinly for the United States of America military forces at the time.

Facts On Pearl Harbor

As history has recorded, the US and their allies were victorious on both fronts in the World War 2 timeline. The bombs used in Japan made it very clear that the American government was not going to tolerate attacks like the one that occurred at Pearl Harbor on that fateful day so many decades ago.

In fact, though it was tragic that men and women had to die, the close of the war meant that the deaths would cease and that people could start to rebuild again. After all, being mired in war is not good for a civilization as a sustained way of life.

In the subsequent decades, both sides of the conflict have worked on rebuilding and joining together in peace and global harmony. Although bumps have occurred in the road along the way and people have sometimes not found everything they wanted, the unified world view is becoming more of a reality each and every day.

However, that does not mean that the heroes of Pearl Harbor are gone. Those men and women who died so bravely serve as a reminder of what it is like for someone to sacrifice it all for the greater good. Although it is tragic that these soldiers, many of whom were in the prime of their lives, had their futures cut off so abruptly, they were Americans.

National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

As a result, their sacrifice will never be forgotten. As a nation, the US remembers the troops who have lost their lives in every battle of the nations history. These soldiers deserve no less. With the National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day and Historic Sites opportunities, there is no doubt that current and future generations continue to know and learn about what happened 75 years ago in the Pearl Harbor attack. You can join in the remembrance celebrations that are taking place in your community.